VIC Government introduces new COVID safety measures for construction

The Victorian Government has announced it will introduce additional measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus and enable rapid identification of possible cases and close contacts.

Revision four of the coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidelines for the Building and Construction Industry Victoria, includes amendments to the guidelines for occupancy of hoists and lifts. Site Safety Committees can undertake a risk assessment of the control measures on each site to determine the appropriate occupancy for each hoist and lift.

Temperature screening and the requirement to wear P2 face masks when travelling in hoists and lifts is also an option for sites.

The Employer Associations and Unions have also taken additional action to increase the levels of protection on sites in line with these announcements.

In a statement the group said over the next week, Employer Associations and Unions will jointly encourage the entire industry to wear masks in certain activities and undertake temperature testing on sites where practicable.

For most activities on building and construction sites, physical distancing can be maintained and has been. Therefore, so far, there has been very few cases of COVID-19 on sites, the statement continued.

The Employer Associations and Unions said the building and construction industry is the backbone of our economy and we will continue to work with the State Government to keep the hundreds of business viable and the many thousands of workers employed.

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