WA public transport to be scaled down temporarily

The Western Australian Government will be temporarily reducing its public transport services for a period of three weeks from Monday 6 April.

The COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted patronage across the network and the temporary reduction in service levels is aimed at minimising empty buses and trains running, while maintaining services for essential workers.

While the reduced service arrangements will be in place for a period of three weeks, the Western Australian Government will monitor the latest health advice and patronage levels to review whether it needs to be extended.

The adjusted services aim to strike a balance between providing an essential service and minimising taxpayer costs while demand is low.

The PTA will monitor patronage to ensure social distancing is not compromised and add in additional services if required.

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said public transport is a vital service that we will continue to provide throughout the pandemic to ensure essential workers can get on with their jobs.

“COVID-19 has had a big impact on patronage and this temporary adjustment in services is in response to that drop in demand,” Ms. Saffioti said.

She said the government will be closely monitoring the pandemic situation to ensure those who rely on public transport to get to their workplaces, to perform jobs which are often essential to the state, can continue to do so.

“It should be recognised that public transport staff have gone above and beyond their usual duties to continue delivering essential public transport services to our community. I thank them for their efforts.”

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