Webinar: Going digital in roads with Bentley Systems

On Thursday 29th October, Roads & Infrastructure magazine hosted a webinar with Bentley Systems about how digital twins are created road infrastructure through the introduction of digital context and the dimension of time to static 3D BIM models.

In the webinar, Senior Industry Strategy Manager – Civil Infrastructure at Bentley Systems, Dave Body explains how digital twins enable visualisation, tracking change and performing analysis to optimise road infrastructure asset performance across the entire asset lifecycle.

Attendee learnt about digital twins and how they are enabled by applications which facilitate design integration and interoperability across multiple disciplines. This enhances collaboration between road designers and engineers from other disciplines, removes unnecessary rework by reducing and preventing errors and clashes early on, and improves communication with internal and external stakeholders. Bentley Systems demonstrated how engineering models are then integrated with reality models and GIS data which are continuously updated with operational data from IOT sensors and meters to create a digital twin.

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